4 Services at Chudovo.com that Make Companies Use Them Immediately

Chudovo.com is an international software development company. Nowadays, they have several representative offices in several areas, including Kyiv, Cologne, New York, Tallinn, and London. The expertise team focuses on handling video security, logistics, medicine, finance, and telecommunication industries. The information below will make you know this company better before hiring an expert software development team there.

Dedicated Development Team Services 

The need for a dedicated development team service rises significantly with the benefits companies get. This team covers so many things in the service, including opening an R&D center, building a great team from scratch, and finding the engineers as an extension to the team. 

The process will be much easier because the team is coming from a variety of backgrounds. They are also qualified enough to do the tasks. A company will get a variety of members when hiring a dedicated development team at Chudovo, including software architects, project managers, business analysts, frontend and backend developers, and even security experts. The qualification of the members depends on the need of your business and the goal you want to achieve. 

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.Net Development

They are also ready to handle .Net development projects. In this case, the engineers work in a team to create specific software, applications, and other systems for companies. The function is to ensure that the company can continue its activities better than before. 

It expects that new technology can limit their budget, forecast, and consolidation. Best of all, the employees can use the new software, applications, or platforms immediately on any device and at any time. 

Companies don’t have to find new employees only to operate the software. It is a great option for companies that need to grow, but have a limited budget. Developing its system can increase productivity. Slowly but surely, the company will grow and get closer to the goal. 

Magento Development Team 

Online business is popular nowadays with the rise of the internet. Creating an online shop is also easier than before. The process is even faster and more comfortable with the use of Magento technology. 

You may have a plan to develop your business into an online platform. Chudovo is also ready to support people who want to develop an online business by offering a Magento development team. This team helps to build a reliable online shop from scratch based on Magento. 

You are about to have a Magento certified team. The team also helps you to develop e-commerce software and design an e-commerce website. The e-commerce website is also ready for fast integration. As a result, you don’t need to start everything from the beginning. Move everything to the new website and get ready to promote the products and services. 

Vue.js Development Team 

Vue.js is a JavaScript front-end framework. It helps to build a more intuitive user interface and single-page applications. Most engineers, web designers, or users love to use this technology because they can customize apps comfortably. 

You can even integrate into other frameworks or apps using this technology. The team uses this technology to create and develop custom mobile and web apps. Due to the benefits, this technology is suitable for all types of businesses, including start-ups and enterprises. 

Vue.js development team provides your company with a personal single-page application, a high-performance app, adjustable user interfaces, and many more. You can request this team if you want to have a secure web app. 

The team will use modern technologies to be compatible with the latest cyber security standards before releasing a safe webs app. At the same time, the team creates deep analysis to produce a scalable application. 

Chudovo completes three big projects so far with the Vue.js development team, which are cryptocurrency generator, face recognition, and freelance platform. You can consult about what the team can do to support your business to grow better than before. 

The Way to Contact Chudovo 

To contact Chudovo and get the best software development team are straightforward. Visit the official website first. Then, find the contact us area. Fill out the online form and submit it. This company only needs your name, email address, and your request. 

They will reply to your message, along with the solution you can take. Continue the process by completing all the requirements. You will get your best software developers once you finish the requirements. 

Let them work to finish your request and feel the result. The process follows the standardized program, so you get the best software just like what you want. Best of all, your employees can use new software immediately and feel the difference before and after deploying it in the company. The most important thing is that you get the best Vue.js development team or another team that your company needs the most.

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