4-Step Roadmap to Walmart Advertising Success

The world’s largest retailer, Walmart, is located in the United States. Customers visit their physical stores and online marketplaces every week in hundreds of millions. To compete with Amazon and Google, they have been ramping up their ecommerce and advertising technologies. Walmart’s marketplace offers ecommerce sellers a great opportunity. Each month, Walmart.com is visited by more than 110 million people, and its sales have grown faster than eBay’s. Visit here to know about banner ads.

Walmart’s online advertising platform can be a little intimidating at first because it’s so new. We will look at four steps to assist with Amazon advertising in this article. If you are looking for a professional opinion on Walmart advertising strategies, contact a Walmart advertising agency like Urtasker to assist you in this regard. 

What sets Amazon and Walmart apart from each other

Let’s compare Amazon’s ad model and Walmart’s first before we discuss tips for succeeding on Walmart. As far as algorithms and auction models go, the two platforms have some critical differences. Your retail strategies will be profoundly affected by this.

The first thing to note is that Amazon’s ad service offers both Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brand campaigns, while Walmart on the other hand only offers Sponsored Products. Additionally, the attribution models vary considerably, so comparing Walmart to other platforms will be difficult.

By default, Amazon assigns an attribution window of 14 days, and its click-only. In other words, sales are considered impressions only if a customer clicks on your advertisement and makes a purchase within 14 days. Walmart provides a 30-day view and click window by default. In other words, an ad viewer who doesn’t click will have the possibility of making a purchase within 29 days. 

It is the auction model that differentiates the two paid search platforms the most. Second-price auctions are used by Amazon, whereas first-price auctions are used by Walmart. The price of a keyword on Amazon is usually just $0.01 higher than the next highest bid. So if your bid is $10 and the next most competitive bid is $9, you can expect to pay $9.01. Walmart follows a different logic. When you bid $10 and your competitor bids $0.25, you will pay the full amount of $10.

Walmart’s advertisement eligibility is a unique aspect. It must appear among the top 128 organic search results for an item to be eligible to appear in results for that search term. That means it must appear among the first five pages of Walmart for that search term. Additionally, you must have a minimum rating of 3 stars and the item must be in stock.

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Eligibility requirements for Walmart Sponsored Products

To start with, make sure you are selling products that are in stock and ranking high on Walmart’s Buy Box. The following Walmart criteria must also be met for your product to appear on the grid search:

  • Be among the first three organic search results pages or among the top 128 products
  • The organic search ranking must be higher or equal to theirs
  • Match the search query in terms of category
  • A non-sponsored product must appear in the top 20 results and be of the same product type.”

Here’s a 4-step plan to succeed with Walmart advertising

Step 1. Detectability

Ensure that all of your product pages have a content quality score of 95% or higher. Images, videos, titles, descriptions, and anything else on those pages count toward this score. Whether you appear at the top of organic and paid search results depends on your content score. In part, low conversion rates can be attributed to low content quality scores.

Step 2. Make a decision about what kind of campaign to run  

Campaigns can be classified into two types. Automatic campaigns provide maximum exposure, while manual campaigns provide absolute control. You can ask a consulting agency to manage my Walmart account if you don’t know what type of campaign to run. 

The Walmart algorithm will automatically match your products to relevant customer searches when you create an automatic campaign. You do not have to manage keywords or impression volume when using automatic campaigns. These include new brands, companies launching new products, or businesses looking to expand their customer base beyond their current clientele can launch an automatic campaign.   

Campaigns that are manually run allow advertisers to select which keywords to bid on and what match type they prefer. With Walmart’s Keyword Analytics tool, marketers can find out how many visitors visited their products and keywords while setting up their campaigns. Manual campaigns are best suited to brands with a long history and a deep knowledge of their respective markets

Step 3. Be sure to optimize your product listing 

Shopping on your product listing page will get shoppers’ attention, but your product description will influence the conversion. Improve the Walmart.com customer experience by improving product descriptions and product images

You can make Walmart product listings more effective by following these steps:

  • Keep it short and sweet
  • Value propositions should be prominently displayed
  • If you must repeat a keyword, do not repeat it more than three times
  • Show how your product is used by including high-quality images
  • Videos should be added if your category allows them
  • Set up Amazon seller center attributes, tags, and backend keywords

Step 4. Look into partnering with an e-commerce agency.

Considering partnering with an ecommerce agency can help you scale up Walmart advertising quickly and effectively. Marketplace specialists and experienced ecommerce agencies offer brands an easier time getting started and seeing results. You can count on them to do so with pleasure. 

Moreover, an ecommerce agency like Urtasker has a proven methodology for structuring campaigns, researching keywords and optimizing them, and promoting products on Walmart’s website. That way, there is less guesswork involved. Urtasker is a top Walmart brand growth agency that specializes in increasing product relevance for your brand. In order to gain premium placement of these banner ads on the product display pages, their Walmart marketing agency monitors competitive bids. Last but not least, an agency can help improve your ads’ effectiveness and offer creative services to boost conversions.


There has never been a better time to advertise on Walmart.com than right now, as Walmart continues to turn its attention to ecommerce to compete with Amazon. It’s imperative that Walmart’s new platform lets you advertise directly to ecommerce shoppers when you sell on Walmart. Using this guide’s best practices, you can incorporate Walmart advertising into your ecommerce growth strategy and be set up for success.

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