7 best promotion methods for your outdoor community event

An outdoor community event is a great way to get people together, whether it’s for fun or for a good cause. Often, you can bring up and discuss important matters affecting the group at these events, and come up with viable solutions. They are also a great way to simply keep everyone connected with each other.

So, you need to make sure your event is a success and that your community is interested in attending it. It’s not as simple as sending out invitations and setting up your grill for a community barbecue. Instead, you need to make sure you promote the event well, so that as many people as possible know about it, and feel like they can’t miss out. There are many ways you can market your event in your community, and you can start off with a few of these.

Put up custom yard signs

As a community event will be targeted at people in your area, you can put up signs here and there. Of course, ask people’s permission before you use their premises, and then place custom yard signs. You can make these using PosterMyWall’s templates and customize the relevant details.

Yard signs are a great way to promote your outdoor event, so you should add the details like venue, day, or timing prominently, so that regular community members passing by can take them in at a glance.

Stick to a theme

Marketing an event is much easier if your messaging is not all over the place. So, you need to pick a theme for your event, and then channel that throughout your promotion mediums. For example, if your outdoor event is for a school library fundraiser, have a literary theme.

Then, use the appropriate tone and designs in your posters, signs, flyers, invitations, and other promotion materials for a cohesive look people are sure to love.

Distribute flyers

One of the best ways to promote a community event is to distribute flyers in the area. Create a design using PosterMyWall, and then print out as many copies as you need. Give these out to your neighbors and other people in the community, and have others share them around as well.

Place a few copies in shops and businesses in the area as well, and have the proprietors encourage visitors to have a look. These flyers should have all the necessary information, such as location and date, and also make it clear if participants need to follow a theme or bring something.

Work with local businesses

Local businesses can be excellent promotion partners for your community event. You can approach them for product donations and sponsorships, with their names prominently displayed on your marketing material.

You can also print out posters and ask these businesses to let you out them up in high-visibility areas. Their staff can also inform people about the upcoming event, and even gather RSVPs, if you want.

Run social media ads

Social media ads will help you get the word out online, and make sure as many people as possible know about your event. Depending on the general demographic of your community, choose what platform to focus on, and then create attractive ads to run there.

Facebook works great for older people, while younger people do not use it at all. If your event is skewing towards a younger audience, Instagram might be your best bet. Start running these ads a few weeks before your event, and utilize their targeting tools to get the best results.

Create social media event pages

Speaking of social media, do not underestimate the relevance of event pages. In fact, creating event pages on Facebook and creating an event countdown on Instagram will ensure that people you want to reach out to are reminded about your event without too much extra effort on your part

These pages also let you put up posts to hype up the event, and let you highlight any local businesses who may be working with you or helping you out. Make these event pages, and invite people in your community. Also encourage them to ask any questions and to engage with posts on these pages.

Get area influencers on board

Do your research into influencers in your community. Get in touch with them to invite them to the event, and also ask them to promote it. If your event is for a good cause, many influencers are likely to promote it for free. If you have the budget for it, get paid influencers on board as well. Ask the influencers who agree to make promotional videos and posts, and to share your event with their followers.

This will help you reach out to a wider audience, and get as many community members to attend as possible.

To sum up, there are many ways to promote your outdoor community event. The key is to know your audience, and figure out what sort of material would work best for them.