7 Tips on Spotting Good UX Designers

Spotting a good UX designer can be difficult if you don’t know what you are looking for. Many traits make a good UX designer, and we want to talk about what they are and why they are so crucial for UX designers to have.

This article will include tips that you can use to find great UX designers that can help you create incredible designs and experiences for your products. If you are looking for a UX designer to hire to work for your UX design agency, or if you want to outsource design work, then this article will help you find the UX designer you are looking for.

What Makes A Good UX Designer?

The best UX designers are problem solvers and know how to look at their problems correctly. This makes it easier for them to see the solution and create the best UX design. They always understand the problem before designing because they know how important that is.

A Great UX designer will want to know all the information before starting. This includes the target customers, the competition, the product’s goal, how the customers will interact with the product, etc.

How To Spot Good UX Designers

If you are looking to find a good UX designer, you should be looking for these traits that many good UX designers have. Just because a UX designer doesn’t have a few of these doesn’t mean they aren’t good. Having a mix of these traits will help you find the good UX designers and avoid those who still have more to learn.

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1.They can analyze problems and understand what solutions they require

Good UX designers need to understand what solutions are needed for the given problems. This is how they can create the best UX designs and help products be successful. If you want to find a good UX designer, you can test how good they are at problem-solving and understanding what is needed.

Can they create a good design after understanding the problem? Ask them why they designed the product the way they did. Knowing their reasoning will help you find out if they are an excellent Ux designer or not.

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2. What Experience Do They Have?

A good UX designer will have lots of experience. You need to find out what type of work they have done. This will help you decide if they can do what you need them to do or if their style doesn’t match your needs.

What have they worked on? Have they been working on their own or with a UX UI company? Was this UX UI company big or small? This information will help you decide if the UX designer is good and can help you or if they aren’t a match.

3. Check Their Portfolio

A UX designer with a mix of projects will have more experience and an ability to adapt to different problems. A UX designer who has only worked on one type of project might not be able to help you. If they have only worked on that one type of project, and you don’t like their work, they will not be the best choice.

4. How Involved Are They In The Community

A good UX designer will engage with the designing community. You should find out how much they engage and talk to other designers, what they are like when posting online, and what they are posting about?

Do they have a website? What do they post on this website? If they are engaged in the community and talk about UX design even when they aren’t working, you will know how passionate they are about what they do.

If a UX designer doesn’t engage with the community, that doesn’t mean they are a terrible designer or not passionate about UX design; it shows a difference between designers and how dedicated they are to their work.

5. They Can Empathize With The User

If they can empathize with the users of the product, then you will know that they are good UX designers. UX designers need to understand the user and the user’s experience with the product. This will help them create UX designs that give the user the best experience. A user experience that is valuable and useful.

UX designers that cannot empathize with the user will not be able to understand the user completely. This can cause their designs not to be as great and have issues that will cause users to have a bad experience.

6. They Can Work With Others Easily

UX designers need to work with others during the designing process. They need to work with others that are part of the process to make sure the design works and looks like it should. Others can include UX designers in the team or people from other departments working on the product.

7. They Want To Learn More

If UX designers aren’t always trying to learn more about UX design to improve their abilities, they aren’t good. UX design practices change, and designers need to keep up with those changes to improve their design work. If A UX designer isn’t doing this, you should avoid them.


Finding a good UX designer can be challenging, but using these tips, you’ll have an easier time finding designers that can help you with your design work. If a designer wants to work for one of the best user experience design companies, they need to know these tips and show them off. A designer might not have all of these traits, but they need to have most of them to be a good UX designer.

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