Biodegradable Coffee Cups For Cafes & The Benefits To The Environment

We all know how cafes and coffee places lately have been imperative to many peoples day to day lives, especially fast-moving employees. The Australian retail coffee market revenue is currently generating USD 5.8 billion in 2022, and it is only going to be expanding over the next few years. You can not expect the market to see a downfall because the average number of people in Australia seeking more convenience and the reliance on morning coffee in their lifestyle is only increasing daily.

To cater to this increasing demand, cafes and other hospitality outlets will have to maintain proper stock of wholesale cups that people can serve their customers with coffee. Imagine if only the cafes decided to say no to non-biodegradable products and started serving the coffee in biodegradable cups! How extensively would it help the environment? 

Here are a few benefits that biodegradable cups in cafes and other coffee outlets would offer to the environment: 

Convenient and Portable

Biodegradable cups are not just convenient to use but to carry as well. Your customers will have an easier time carrying them than carrying heavy and uncomfortable plastic cups. The lightweight, biodegradable cups will especially be handy for those on the go, serving the purpose for the everyday busy worker.

Now, they aren’t just convenient for the customers but cafes too in a way that is, owing to their light weight, they are easier and inexpensive to ship, making the delivery option more affordable. You will not even need a lot of storage space since they can easily be stacked inside each other. 

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Let us not ignore the benefits the biodegradable cups have not just for the hospitality businesses, but the environment as well. It is a hidden blessing to the entire planet and all the people living on it (also the generations to come).

Plastic waste is very well known to be one of the most hazardous causes of ocean pollution, and tonnes of it end up in landfills. A fun fact? Some plastics, like the cups, take hundreds of years to break down back into the earth and the carbon pollution from all the plastic production is the biggest contributor to air pollution. 

Disposable and Durable 

The biodegradable cups can also be disposed of properly and conveniently, making them a better alternative for cafes, restaurants, households, hotels, and other coffee venues. One huge benefit is that they can handle temperatures up to 90c°, making them ideal for hot and cold beverages.

The double wall coffee cups will be easier to hold as they keep your hands cool irrespective of the beverage you have poured into them. So, with these, you can forget to use your sleeves to hold hot, burning cups of coffee. 

Customised printed cups will be an investment in your brand marketing. 

First, you will have to invest a much lower amount into the paper cups, and the added value you can get from the printing customisations on these cups is just invaluable. It helps you establish your brand through easy and free marketing.

Customers will always have that logo printed in their minds which is positive brand recall. It will not only help your customers come back again but will also help in establishing a new customer base altogether through this free channel of advertising. 

Bottom Line

As a tip, make sure to replace your coffee mugs with biodegradable cups that are BPI certified. These certified cups meet all the required standards for food contact. It is anyway a high time we all started thinking about the environment more than our own profits, keeping our coming generations a priority and for them to have a safe planet to live in.

What we contribute to the environment today will be beneficial for those living in it in the coming few years. Moreover, with biodegradable cups, you are not losing anything but only receiving an abundance of benefits. 

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