Building A Chicken Coop To Keep Your Chickens Safe

Keep a chicken coop safe from predators.

Thousands of plans, designs and ideas can be found regarding houses used in chicken housing. These range from elaborate 2-story structures to a small doghouse-style dwelling surrounded by fences to keep out potential predators and chickens. Before spending a lot of money and effort creating expensive chicken coops, find out how to build chicken coops most simply. Walk, and you will enjoy the fruits of a person’s labour sooner.

Chickens are generally not fastidious creatures. Their needs are pretty basic. They require a place to get out of the elements from where bad cold weather will not harm them or their eggs. Next on the list, they need to have room for their nests to lay eggs. Also, you will need to have chicken coops for them to sleep at night as they feel more secure in a chicken coop.

Simply because both eggs and chickens are considered tasty morsels by many potential predators, the fate developed for hen chickens must be resilient and fully protected. Include some food and water, and they will be happy birds.

You will find standard approaches to making a poultry house, or you can create your own from scratch. You will discover hen online quick step by step house plans. Most chicken house plans have step-by-step plans for different sizes and styles of chicken houses. Plus, you’ll get portable chicken coop plans.

Make sure you don’t put a chicken coop too close to your home for a couple of factors. The sound can be loud at times, and downwind a chicken coop does not smell like roses. At the same time, you also don’t choose to place the chicken coop too far away, both for convenience and to allow you to keep an eye out for potential predators.

It does not matter 39; No matter how fancy a chicken coop is, remember that it will need to be cleaned frequently to remove odour and insect infestations. One of the mistakes people new to raising chickens to make is that they organize cooperatives where the floor is completely level.

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Isn’t it a way to build a house? It is certainly not a chicken coop, however, for the reason that every time you go to wash it, everything will accumulate at your feet. It’s not a pretty notion or sight. Instead, you want to build the floor with a slope at the back.

Building a chicken coop the easy way involves simple cleanup. With a somewhat sloped floor at the back of the pen, when you spray it during cleaning, all that nasty trash will carry this incline out of the back door of the coop.

Put a chicken wire fence around the chicken coop to keep unwanted guests out. Be aware that some pests can burrow under the wall to enter the chicken coop, so get it right and bury a fence partially under the ground. Building chicken coops the easy way makes the job of housing chickens easier in the long run.

If you want a little more help with chicken coop design and tips, along with best practices for building chicken coops, you can get easy-to-read plans that come in e-book form for an instant download of chicken coop plans. Plus, many chicken coop plans come with additional bonuses to help you with your chicken-raising chores.

Keeping a chicken coop safe is a daily challenge. Raccoons, weasels, skunks, and foxes are just a few of the predators that want to get to your herd. Chickens have many predators that can cause you a lot of problems. I take a few steps to protect your chickens and make your chicken coop much safer for your feathered friends.

Do a little gardening.

Simple gardening is a highly effective way to keep your chickens safe: clear bushes, tall grasses, or vegetation around the chicken coop. Make sure you have a clear and comprehensive area with complete visibility. If you don’t give predators anywhere to hide, your chicken coop will look much less attractive to them.

The benefits of chicken wire

The first line of defence is a fence that surrounds the chicken coop and the chicken coop. Chicken wire, which can be purchased at most hardware stores, is lightweight and easy to install. When understanding chicken wire, look for the thickest wire possible with minor gaps. This can stop even smaller predators, such as weasels and snakes, from terrorizing your chickens.

It’s essential to start with the correct chicken wire, but the job doesn’t end there. Take the time to set up the cable the right way, or it won’t be the strong barrier you need. Your chicken wire fence should be a minimum of 4 feet high with 12 inches buried underground to precautionary against animal digging. Many different animals are capable of digging shallow holes that allow them to slide under fences easily, so it is essential to bury the wire at least a foot below the ground’s surface. This will deter most predators and keep your chickens in a safe position.

Add more defence to your chicken coop.

Due to most predators prowling at night, your hens must have a fully enclosed chicken coop to rest in. Keep them safe at night with a secured, well-built chicken coop set up the right way. The base of the chicken coop should be at least 4 inches above the ground so that vermin cannot hide underneath. All doors to your chicken coop should be sturdy and include a latch so that they can be closed tightly.

A coop built and set up the right way will keep your chickens safer, but you still want to go the extra step and add another safety capability. Some predatory animals will use all their resources to get to their chickens. That includes sharp claws and teeth that they can use to break through the walls of the chicken coop. To prevent predators from chewing on the walls of your chicken coop, tape the chicken wire directly to the exterior walls.

Add a motion detector light, which you can find at any home improvement store or website. A motion-activated light will scare off unwanted animals at night. Get a light that runs on solar or battery power, and you won’t need soft wires to get your light to work.

Hardware mesh

Chicken wire is effective in keeping poles inside your chicken coop and can ward off many predators. However, some predators are capable of breaking through chicken wire or finding ways to avoid it. Strengthen the security of your cooperative with hardware mesh material

And if you live in an area where owls, hawks and other raptors live, we have to protect your chickens from the dangers that come from above. Cover your chicken coop entire area with more hardware mesh to stop flying predators from swooping in and damaging your chickens.

A predator-proof chicken coop

It takes extra time and effort, but you can make your chickens much safer with the additional materials. There is no way to protect predators from a chicken coop fully, but you can get pretty close with some extra safety precautions. With just a little time and effort, you can rest easy knowing that your chickens are safe from any animals that come looking for a free meal.


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