Cedar Rapids car accident: Reviewing the need for an attorney

Millions of people in the US suffer injuries and losses in traffic accidents and on-road mishaps. A considerable number of cases are reported from Iowa alone. Following a car accident in Cedar Rapids, you may have your doubts about seeking legal counsel. Iowa is a tort state. If you suffered injuries in an accident due to the other driver’s fault or recklessness, you could file a claim to seek compensation for your losses. You don’t have to hire a Cedar Rapids car accident lawyer to file a claim, but lawyering up has many advantages. In this post, we are reviewing the role of an attorney for claimants. 

Evaluating the claim

Just because you suffered injuries or property damage in an accident doesn’t mean you can file a lawsuit against the other party. The worth of your accident claim depends on many factors, including your share in the blame. An attorney can check the preliminary evidence and details to determine if your claim is worth pursuing. They can also explain your rights and legal options 

Protecting your interests

Iowa is a modified comparative fault state. If you had a role in causing the accident, you could only sue the other driver at fault when your fault share is less. If you successfully sue the other party, your fault share will dictate what you get from the awarded settlement. Let’s say that you were 20% at fault and won $50,000 in a settlement. In this case, you can only recover $40,000. Your attorney can help defend your interest in such circumstances. 

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Negotiating with the other side

If you file a third-party insurance claim, you have to deal with the claims adjuster. Anyone who has worked with insurance companies will tell you that these companies don’t work for claimants. The claims adjuster will try to downplay your claim and settle the matter at the earliest. Accident lawyers can help negotiate better as they know common tactics used by insurance companies. 

Filing a lawsuit

What happens if the insurance amount is unlikely to cover your losses and medical treatment costs? You have to file a civil lawsuit, and as per Iowa’s statute of limitations, you only have two years to do so. Your accident lawyer can help file a lawsuit in time and will take care of the necessary paperwork and legal work. 

Get an attorney before it’s too late to pursue your accident lawsuit.

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