Enhancing maths exam scores: top 5 beneficial tips 


Along with maths teaching and learning, exams are also conducted for assessing students’ understanding and knowledge of the maths concepts being taught to them. All students aim to score high in the maths exams to ensure their academic success. But due to a few wrong learning habits and reasons, students lag. Let us discuss some effective tips that students can follow to enhance their maths exam scores. 

Factors affecting maths exam scores 

  • Preparation till the last minute: many students have a habit of delaying and procrastinating. This makes them pile up huge chunks of the syllabus to cover in a short period. Such students keep on learning and viewing the concepts till the last minute. This creates panic, confusion, no time to revise, and excessive stress. 
  • Exam fears: many students face maths fear as well as exam giving fear. Overthinking, self-doubt, how tough the exam will be, and other such negative thoughts, make students fear more. This affects their quality of studies, health, and exam scores. 
  • Lack of effective memorization of formulas: in maths exams, most of the questions are application-based. When students don’t have formulas learned properly, they feel confused, find the questions difficult and solve them incorrectly. Lack of accuracy affects exam scores. 
  • Poor presentation: cutting, scribbling, and overwriting can make the paper look untidy and more confusing. With poor presentation, teachers face difficulty in checking the answer sheets and this can affect exam scores. 

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Tips for maths exam scores enhancement 

  1. Start the exam preparation early 

Many students keep delaying, procrastinating, tin, g anlalackinggck activity. This makes them pile up huge chunks of the syllabus that become complex to cover together in less time. To avoid this happening to you, make sure to start the maths exam preparation early. 

Keep your classroom learning and self-studies go hand in hand from the starting itself. This will help students to wind up the syllabus timely and use the remaining time for multiple revisions and more practice. For understanding the topics better and quicker, students can use the best LMS Portals and other audiovisual tools. 

  1. Write and learn the formulas 

Some students are good at vocal learning, while some are not able to effectively learn orally. Also only learning vocally, without writing is not very effective. As you may forget it or find it difficult to recall after a short period. To remember all the formulas and applications well in the exam and face no difficulty in recalling, all students must write during learning time. Make formula charts and maths notes. By writing, memorization becomes better. Use these charts and notes for quick revisions every day. 

  1. Practice and practice more 

Practice makes a man perfect. The same is applicable for maths exam preparation too. The more you practice, the better your concept clarity and exam scores. All students must practice as many questions as possible. 

For example, pick up a maths lesson, start solving the example questions, then solve the main back exercise of it, and once done with this, you can use a guide to solve similar questions of that lesson. Also by using LMS Portal sites and apps, you can access sample papers and previous year  question papers. This will help you to get an idea of how much you know and what more needs to be done for the improvement of maths skills and understanding. 

  1. Refer to the main textbook and a standard guide only 

Many students feel that maths is a complex subject and the exams will be complex too. For this, they focus less on the main coursebook and prefer referring to different guides. Referring to the different high standard guides without an effective understanding of the main textbook can lead to more confusion, stress, and poor exam preparation. 

To avoid this happening with you, all students must make sure to be thorough with the practice of the main maths textbook provided by the teachers. Once done with this, try to refer to a single standard guide and avoid juggling with too many. 

  1. Attempt the paper properly 

Along with effective studies, the way you attempt the paper decides the scores too. To attempt the maths exam with more efficiency and accuracy, follow these tips. 

  • Read the questions carefully. See properly what values are given in the question, and what is asked to find out. This will help you to put the right formula and solve it correctly. 
  • Focus and concentrate well on your answer sheet. Don’t help others. 
  • Avoid too much cutting, scribbling, and overwriting. Make sure to solve questions step by step and neatly. An effective presentation is very important. 
  • Make sure to recheck your calculations. This will help you to make necessary corrections and avoid mistakes. 


All students aim to score well in exams and assure their academic success. To do so, following the right learning strategies is important. To score well in maths exams, the above-mentioned tips are quite beneficial. By following these tips students can prepare effectively and attempt the maths paper with accuracy. 

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