GogoPDF: Convenience In Compressing PDF Files

It is a tough decision when you have to delete files to make enough storage space for new documents. It’s hard because you have to weigh which file is more important. Although you have the option to buy an external storage device, some of these devices are expensive. And since it can be connected to other computers devices, it is prone to malware infestation.

But don’t lose hope. With technology, there is always a solution to any problem. And the key to the issue of a lack of storage space? There is no better platform to end this dilemma than GogoPDF. It is the best file compressor on the web because it is full of features that make file size reduction efficient and hassle-free.

Completely Free

Although there are various PDF compressing platforms on the web today, not all of them are for everyone. In addition, many of these compressors are expensive, which is not suitable for students and startup companies. Another thing when using paid compressors, they are prone to scams and theft since your bank details will be exposed when purchasing subscriptions.

If you have the budget and are willing to expose your bank details online, you can use the other platforms. But if you want to get an excellent tool to do the job without paying anything, then GogoPDF’s compress PDF file feature is the perfect tool for you. Yes, you read it right! It is entirely free of charge, which means you can enjoy their service without paying anything.

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No Storage Consumption

For any software to run smoothly, you need enough storage in your device. That is how important having enough storage in your device is. This is the problem with installing so much software and applications on your device. They consume so much space. This is something that you will not experience when using GogoPDF.

Since it is purely browser-based, there is no need for the users to install anything on their device. All the services on this website, including the file size reduction, will be done inside the browser. So you can stop worrying about it slowing down your device because it has 100% no storage consumption.

Universal Compatibility

Many individuals struggle with picking a PDF compressing platform because of compatibility issues. Because not everyone has the capability of buying every model of computer device on the market, this becomes a big issue when picking the perfect file reduction platform. This is another problem that you will not encounter if you choose GogoPDF.

As I mentioned a while ago, this platform is purely browser-based. That does not only mean that it does not consume any space in your device. It also means that whatever the operating system your device is running on, as long as you have a browser on your computer and a strong internet connection, you can still reduce your file size.

Unbreachable Security System

Having advanced technology in today’s world is both a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing because nobody can deny that it significantly helped us accomplish our tasks with ease and efficiency. On the other hand, it is a curse because the level of technology that we have today enables terrible people to commit unlawful acts, including hacking and violating privacy laws.

Luckily, the GogoPDF website has a security system unlike any other. When you upload your PDF file on their website for compression, after you are done with the compression process, all the remnants from the file you compressed will be deleted from their server so no one can get their hands on it.

Amazing File Size Reduction

There may be hundreds of PDF compressors on the internet today, but I am telling you, none of them can do what GogoPDF does. When you choose to convert with this platform, you can reduce your PDF file size up to 70%. So if you compress a 1GB file, it will only become 300MB after the process. Isn’t that amazing?


Storage space is an essential component of any device. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that there is enough of it. Doing so will guarantee that your applications will run properly and you have enough space to store essential files. But when you run out of storage space, remember that there is no need for you to delete important files because GogoPDF got your back.

GogoPDF can reduce your file size to a significant level. But that is not the only great thing about it. It is entirely free, has no storage consumption, universal compatibility, and unbreachable security system. All of these features are what make GogoPDF the best file manager on the web.

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