Google Launch Search Console Insights Ranking Keyword Tool

Google Webmaster Launch Search Console Insights Track Your Website Ranking Keyword Tool

Hello friends, how are you all, I hope you are all doing well, friends, today’s topic is going to be very important for those people who use the website Google Search Console ( Google Webmaster tool ), today’s article is going to be very Important,

friends today In this topic, we will talk about “search console Insights, so you have Google just launched a new product named Search Console Insights Friends, I am your friend Nirman Rathod today for you through Guessing trick website (SEO) Search engine optimization I have brought this information related to, in which today we will talk about Google Search Console Insights, let us know what is Search Console Insights and how it works and how it works in ranking your website.

What Is Search Console Insights?

Friends, people who run a website or any blog, there is often a question in their mind that how to index the website in Google, friends, for this we have posted a separate article whose link is given below,

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friends bring traffic to the website a lot. It is a difficult task if your website is not indexed in Google Search Console, then your website will not appear in Google search result, so you have to first submit your website to Google Search Console, then your website will appear in Google search.

 Google Webmaster Google Search Console Insights Link

Now we will talk about Google Search Console has launched a new project named Google Search Console Insight This product is a product of Google which is launched on 14th June 2021, it will be visible to you in your Google Webmaster Tool. Used to give but from 14 June 2021 it has been added to your Google Search Console

Search Console Insights is a new experience tailored for content creators and publishers and can help them understand how audiences discover their site’s content and what resonates with their audiences. This new experience is powered by data from both Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

Friends, from the Google Search Console site, you can get an idea of your website Ranking Keyword, here you can find out about your Website trending keywords, it gives you very accurate information, if you use Google Search Console or Google Webmaster Tools, then you have just recently In recent days, a link to the Google Search Console Insights will be visible, it Analytics your Content Keyword Console.

With the help of Search Console Insights, you can find out the position of the ranking keyword of your website content, here you get the option to do two types of queries of your website.

  1. Most Search Queries
  2. Most Trending Queries

Search Console Insights Most Search queries

Friends, let us tell you that in Most Search Queries in Google Search Console Insights, you can find out the keywords that are Most searched on Your website. These are your searched words that appear in the search rank in your Google search console or in the search rank in the Google search engine These are seen as the most search query in Google Search Console Insights

Search Console Insights Most Trending Queries

Search Console Insights Most trending queries It tells you about the top trending keywords of your website, which ranks your website Top 10 Result In Google Search Engine, tells you those keywords and it shows you in Google search console Insights

How can Search Console Insights help you?

Search Console Insights can help site owners, content creators and bloggers better understand the performance of their content

  1. What are your best-performing materials?
  2. How is your new content performing?
  3. How do people find your content on the web?
  4. What do people search for on Google before visiting your content?
  5. Which article refers users to your website and content?
  6. Find New Keyword On Your Website
  7. Check Ranking Your website Keywords

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