How can I purchase Instagram followers?

veryone aspires to have a sizable following on social media sites like Instagram. Since the latter is now one of the most popular social media sites, it seems sense that everyone wants to be known there. However, this need for independence is not always satiated, leading to the employment of dishonest methods like purchasing followers.

If you want to learn how to purchase Instagram followers, go to this tutorial.

Purchasing Instagram followers: a how-to guide

Simply enter the appropriate search terms into your preferred search engine to purchase Instagram followers. 

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So enter “pack Instagram followers” or “buy Instagram followers” in the search box on Google, Bing, Duck Go, Yahoo, or another search engine. You may pick from a number of websites on the search page. While the majority are in English, several are in French.

When you visit a website of this kind, you will discover a variety of bundles. Each pack has a predetermined amount of followers and an associated price. While some packs are only sent once, others promise a steady rise in your subscriber count over a certain length of time. 

If you choose this option, you will, for instance, get 25 new subscribers per day for 30 days. 

When you find a deal that appeals to you, you must next click the “Order” button. Your Instagram username (the one that comes after@) must be entered on the following information page. Once you approve your order, it’s finished. Only the delivery of your purchase will be delayed.


There are several indisputable benefits to this exercise, including:

The sensation of gaining popularity quickly, the natural increase in the number of real subscribers that follows the purchase (because a platform will naturally promote an account with more subscribers, giving it temporary visibility), the observable increase in credibility (because the account is followed by many people), and the rise in engagements if you purchased real followers.

Downsides of it

Despite all these benefits, purchasing Instagram followers has certain acknowledged hazards. These include:

Early engagement swiftly wanes: Instagram will cease promoting you as soon as it notices that followers you bought aren’t like, commenting on, or sharing your posts. A temporary lift is often provided by the purchase, but it seldom lasts.

Lack of involvement drastically harms your image as an influencer since no business would pay for an account with a large number of followers but no activity.

Unimportant figures: Buying followers diminishes the effectiveness of your account as a whole. It will be challenging for you to distinguish between your true audience and the results of your purchases. Following that, you won’t be able to use your data for data analysis to enhance your Instagram marketing plan.

Disposal carried out by Instagram: When it comes to use guidelines, this platform is among the harshest. It continuously improves its algorithms to find fraudulent activities. Therefore, it is not uncommon to notice occasionally suspended accounts or the abrupt disappearance of false subscribers.

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What are some ways to increase your Instagram following?

For all of these reasons, purchasing Instagram followers from is not at all advised. When developing a long-term growth plan, it is advisable to consider more appropriate alternatives. Powerful technologies like Inflect (formerly Ingramer),,, or even Combin must be used for this.

Inflact (previously Ingramer) (formerly Ingramer)

The most cutting-edge tool to increase your Instagram following is Inflact (see our review). The former Ingramer gives the chance to significantly improve your Instagram account with a variety of tools (Instagram Downloader, Hashtag Generator, Instagram Search, etc.).

Because of this bot, your engagement rate will soar and, most importantly, you’ll be able to direct more subscribers to your campaign who are likely to be interested. 

And when we learn about Inflects (formerly Ingramer’s) success, we realize that influencers use it as a tool to broaden their influence.

An automated Instagram administration tool from A to Z is (read our review). Instead of purchasing phoney accounts, it enables you to obtain genuine followers. 

By organically producing likes, comments, and shares, it aids in increasing your engagement rates. It will automatically increase the visibility of your account and attract the right kind of people. Although there is a 3-day free trial period, the monthly subscription price is €11.90.

Regarding, it’s not only for Instagram (read our evaluation). But you may also control this social media with it. Similar to, it aids in generating automated likes as well as following accounts and unfollowing those who do not follow you back. 

For managing solely Instagram, this online service has a monthly starting price of €11.99. Direct message automation costs the same as well.

For its part, Combin (see our review) positions itself as a tool “to attract the public on Instagram.” You may schedule posts and articles in advance at the same time. The ability to manage many accounts simultaneously is one of its key benefits. 

Additionally, this automation solution places a high value on data analysis in its offerings. Anyone who is still having trouble with Instagram may use all of this for free. Others must pay a minimum of $15 each month.

It is preferable to use the bots.

If you have to pick between using an automated tool and buying followers from a source, the latter option is preferable. It ensures a steady rise in your subscription base. 

Over time, you will move from a basic Instagrammer to a true Influencer owing to this sort of solution. In addition, it provides you more time to dedicate to the production of your content always with the purpose of gaining the most commitments feasible.

Now you know how to purchase followers on Instagram. But considering the hazards involved, we encourage you to go via Instagram bots instead. just like Combin and accomplish the job quite well. Just follow the best practices and you will notice your number of followers climb swiftly on Instagram.