How Much Will The Attorney Take From My Settlement Amount in Atlanta?

When you get into a car accident due to someone else’s negligence, you will likely file a car accident claim. Most victims fail to get legal assistance thinking an Atlanta car accident attorney will charge them a lot, and they will have to bear the additional expense of the attorney. However, having legal representation for your car accident case will only benefit the outcome of your case. 

Usually, a car accident attorney is charged on a contingency basis. If you have spoken to various attorneys, you must know that the attorneys charge a specific percentage of your settlement amount, meaning you will have to pay a certain amount from your settlement amount to the attorney. 

How much will an attorney charge from your settlement amount?

The exact percentage that the attorney charges depend on multiple factors. For instance, the attorney will consider how much work your case requires and whether the case goes to trial or not. Before the attorney proceeds with your case, they will tell you the exact percentage you need to pay from your settlement amount. 

Usually, you do not need to pay upfront to the attorney for your case. The fees you pay to your attorney depend on the outcome of your case. If the attorney fails to get a successful compensation for your case, you do not need to pay a single dollar. One perk of contingency fees is that you do not have to worry about adding an extra financial burden to your head of attorney. Instead, you can focus on healing from your recovery while the attorney focuses on getting maximum compensation for your case. 

In summary, the contingency fees method works best in favor of the victim as well the attorney.

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How much percentage will the attorney take?

The percentage that your attorney will charge varies from one attorney to another. Generally, most attorneys charge between 30 to 40 percent of your total settlement amount. If your case is settled out of court without going through the litigation process, your fees will be lower. However, if your case goes to trial and your attorney needs a lot of work on the case, the charges may go up to 40% of your total settlement. 

Before proceeding with any attorney, make sure you discuss the fee structure. Once you have a clear picture of how much you need to pay the attorney, you can work better on the settlement amount. 

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