How to Improve User Experience with a Website Visitor Tracking Tool

Webmasters have to use different types of tools to manage and operate their websites. How do you improve user experience with a website visitor tracking tool? This tool is used to track the activities of visitors to the website. You will learn a variety of things about your visitors and their activities. This data helps you optimize your website, improve the features, and solve issues that your visitors encounter.

What Is a Website Visitor Tracking Tool?

As the term suggests, this tool is used to track website visitors. Its script is embedded in the code of a webpage. Once the script has been incorporated, the program starts tracking and collecting data about the page visits. Depending on what details the program is designed to collect and what details you have selected to collect, you will start seeing all the requested data. The tracking tool has an intuitive interface where you can see all this data. It will provide you data like how many visitors have visited your website, each visitor’s activities, which pages they visit, pages where they stay most, and other website traffic data. A tool like WatchThemLive is a good example of a website visitor tracking tool.

Now that you have this data with you, how do you use it to improve the visitor experience?

Website Optimization

You can use this data to optimize your website and provide a better experience to your users. Improve or remove pages not eliciting the desired response. The elements getting more clicks or attention on the page can be given more prominence. If CTA or other important elements are not getting the desired response, they can be improved. The content of the website can be optimized based on the type of visitors you are receiving. Do they prefer short-form or long-form content? You will know this detail by using a website visitor tracking tool.

Search Engine Optimization

Based on the behavior, activities, and responses of your visitors, you can improve your website content to make it more SEO friendly. SEO is already used for most websites, but the data you get from the tracking tool will give you a better insight into your website traffic. Keywords and search terms bringing more traffic can be given more attention. Blogs at other websites sending most visitors can be given priority in your marketing campaign. You can post more guest posts on those blogs or even start advertising on those websites.

Optimize Your Marketing Campaign

Once you have the profiles of your visitors, you can improve your marketing campaign to make it more focused and targeted. The tracking tool will tell you which social media websites are delivering the best results for your marketing campaign. You can give these platforms a bigger slice of your marketing campaign.

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Increase Conversion Rate

It is an important goal for all website owners selling products or services. The tracking tool gives you data that helps improve the website and makes it more suitable for visitors. The data obtained from this tool gives you an insight into the visitor’s behavior. Use its behavior analytics feature to assess the behaviors of your visitors. You will get visitor details in the form of a database, heat maps, charts, and graphics. The data will show the number of clicks. Products not in demand can be removed from the website.

Identify Pages Causing Problems

Users often encounter problems during login and checkout processes. There may be some discrepancy in the form. Some sections may not be working. If a page is being abandoned most without completing the process given there, you will know about it and can fix the problem. The page should be put through tests to solve the problems your visitors are encountering.


Your website users expect the best experience, especially when they have been exposed to the best website practices. Use the visitor tracking tool to gather important data about your visitors and their activities at your website. Use this data to fix problems at your website and improve the visitor experience. You can also use session replay software and landing page optimization tools to improve user experience.

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