Keyword Optimization Tips With Guest Post Blogger

Have you ever read Blogger’s articles? What is Guest Post? And the benefits of Guest Post for your website’s keywords? In today’s era, the development of bloggers is increasing all over the world. Some create blogs for reviews, share knowledge until it becomes their main income. Please note that keyword optimization also requires Off-Page optimization. One of them is getting Inbound Links from quality websites or blogs.

Definition of Guest Post

Guest Post is an Off-Page SEO technique that utilizes a quality blog or website to publish articles that have Outbound Links to our business website. Simply put, Guest Blog Service works with blog owners to provide links (Contextual Links) to our website pages. Published articles are generally business, product, or service review articles. Or you can also make articles that fit the blog category itself.

Blog Quality For Guest Post

Generally, the Inbound links obtained are 2-3 links with customized Anchor Text and for the Link Attributes, they are generally Dofollow. The cost to be paid for each post depends on how big the quality of the blog is. Talking about quality, it turns out that many people cannot judge the quality of the blog they want to work with.

The following are important points to see the quality of blogs for Guest Posts.

  1. Blog Age: by checking the age of the blog, it will be known that the blog has long been present in cyberspace. The older the blog, the better the effect on your business website. The existence of a blog is a reference that the blog owner will indeed continue to develop his blog.
  2. Social Media: if the blog has active social media, then the articles published will not be in vain. This proves that blogs also have activities to get visitors from social media, especially Facebook and Twitter.
  3. Most Popular Articles: when looking at the blog page whether it also has many of the most popular articles, if there are many then you can check the keyword estimates for that popular page. This indicates that the blog has enough visitors every day.
  4. Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA): This is a benchmark created by MOZ which aims to determine the potential for ranking domains in Search Engines. The bigger the value, the better the quality (0-100). Generally, DA 15++ and PA 25++ are sufficient to identify that the blog is of sufficient quality.

From the 4 points above, it is enough to be a benchmark that the blog has the criteria for a quality blog. Always monitor the activity of the blog that you will be working with.

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Guest Post Benefits

The main purpose of the Guest Post is to get benefits for the business website. By getting a link to your business website, various benefits can be obtained.

Here are the benefits if you get links from quality blogs.

  • Help promote businesses, products, and services
  • Increase popularity and brand awareness
  • Help expand the business market sector
  • Increase DA and PA website
  • Increase Keyword Ranking
  • Increase Website Visitors
  • Increase your business turnover

If you are interested in Guest Post, then you can search and contact any blog owner that fits your criteria. Every blogger has its terms and conditions. For effectiveness after publishing articles, generally 1-3 weeks.

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