Main Causes of Fatal Car Accidents in Western Australia

Almost 70% of the population in Australia own a car which means that there are more motor vehicles on the road than in many countries worldwide.  The effect of more motor vehicles being on the road is that consequently there are more car accidents too.  Unfortunately, a proportion of these car accidents result in the occupants of the motor vehicles being injured or worse still dying. Major car accidents occur both in metropolitan areas due to possible issues with infrastructure and in country areas where the dangers of kangaroos and other animals entering the road combine with dangerous maximum speed limits, driver fatigue, driver inexperience and arduous road conditions.

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Let us see look at some of the main causes of car accidents in the hope of helping you avoid being involved in a motor vehicle accident when you are driving or are a passenger in a motor vehicle.

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Sadly, speeding is the main cause of most accidents. It does not necessarily mean that you are driving at extremely high speed. Even travelling at a lower speed that is above the posted speed limit can end in fatal accidents. Appropriately placed road signs provide you with the dedicated speed limit for the area to ensure that you do not exceed a speed that is unsafe the relevant area and road conditions. You must not exceed the relevant speed limit when you are driving to keep you, your passengers and other road users safe from the horrible consequences of car crashes.

When you drive at a lower speed, even if an accident occurs, the damage to the motor vehicles and consequential injuries to your body are likely to be considerably less devastating and hopefully there are no fatalities. When you drive slower you will have more time to apply the brakes in a timely matter and to react to the relevant road hazard which significantly reduces the associated road risks not only for your but also for your pedestrians and other road users.


Recent advancements in technology and the electronic devices that we now consequently own and have on our person are a great source of distraction to drivers who should be concentrating on the road and their safe driving of the motor vehicle for which they are responsible Time and time again people are being involved in avoidable in motor vehicle accidents because a driver has been distracted by sending a text or looking for a telephone number to make a call or trying to navigate through online road mapping services.  In fact anything that distracts your attention whilst driving is not safe and these such distractions should not be permitted to take your attention from the road. People who are easily distracted by their mobile phone and other electronic devices should places these devices out of reach before they commence their road trip. It is wise to also plan your trip before you depart and have the desired destination pre-set in your road navigation software or device to ensure that you are not unduly distracted.  Eating, drinking, loud music, and other similar distractions should also be avoided to make your journey a safer one.

Driving requires your full focus to identify the potential hazards. There are high chances of losing your attention even if you distract for a second. So, it is better to keep those things away while driving.

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Drink Driving

Though there are restrictions in all countries including Australia, people still tragically continue to drink and take other illicit and non-illicit substances and then drive when they are inebriated which is a big cause of car crashes, injuries and sadly road fatalities which tragically effects the lives of so many people and their families every year. Driving under the influence of any substance will affect your vision, your decision-making judgment, and also you won’t know how to react best in a particular emergency situation.

If you are intending to drink on a night out you should plan ahead and have a designated driver or try carpooling, using public transport or taking a taxi.  If you do decide to drink and drive then make sure that you do not drink more than your allowable limit of alcohol each hour.


Fatigue is another major cause that of road accidents in Western Australia each year.  Some estimate that it contributes to one-third of all fatal accidents. Driving whilst you are fatigued is can be even more dangerous than driving under the influence of any illicit or non-illicit substance as the local police cannot identify that drivers are fatigued and take preventative steps to reduce or eliminate any potential dangers and hazards.

You should be aware that when you are fatigued this can impair your reaction time, decision-making ability, and also you might fall into a micro-sleep that last a few seconds which is more than enough to distract your focus and result in your being involved in a serious motor vehicle and potentially tragic car crash.

If you are intending to driving long distances or around remote rural areas, please ensure that you take regular breaks and time-outs to freshen yourself up. Remember to make sure you get enough rest before a long journey.

By avoiding any kind of distractions, sticking to the recommended speed limit, avoiding drink driving and taking regular breaks from driving you can keep yourself and others safer on the roads. Furthermore, you can avoid harsh penalties and fines which will save you money.  Please take these tips safely and drive safely.

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