Orange County Pool Builders Like Calimingo Offer All Manner Of Crucial Safety Features For Custom Pools

When building a custom pool, it makes sense to look into all the features available before settling on a specific collection of them to include. Orange County pool builders offer a wide selection of encouraging safety features to consider adding to a custom pool.

Pool Covers

One common pool safety feature is including a net or other covering that users put on top of the pool when it is not in use. Pool covers are cheap, and they are simple to store, meaning nearly every pool owner makes use of this safety feature. Some pool covers also help keep chlorine from escaping and leaves from getting in the pool. Pool covers are also relatively durable, with some supporting the weight of a couple of adult people without collapsing.

Pool Fences

Like pool covers, pool fences offer a way to keep wayward children and animals from accidentally falling into the pool. Orange County pool builders can set up pool fences, so nobody can enter the pool without the customer knowing. There are many pool fences types, so users can efficiently pick what works best for their needs.

Supplies for an Emergency

Despite the best efforts of everyone using pools, someone could still have an emergency using the pool. So, keeping emergency supplies on hand could save someone’s life. Some supplies to stock near the pool include a flotation device and a first-aid kit. The flotation device can help save someone’s life if they are struggling to stay afloat in the pool, so keeping one on hand at all costs is critical.

Pool Lighting

Pool lighting is an outstanding pool safety feature because people will see the pool’s walls and bottom better, even in the dark. Besides the safety element of pool lighting, better lighting makes it easier to use the pool after dark. Finally, seeing into the pool when someone needs help is a must.

Pool Ledges

Pool ledges are where there is a place for swimmers to put their hands by the edge of the pool to keep their heads above water while they rest. Pool ledges extend from the shallow end of the pool through the deep end, and they are a practical pool safety feature for people with children. Since most pools only have one exit, a pool ledge can provide a place for someone to rest and catch their breath before returning to the entry point.

A Company to Call for Custom Pools

If you want a custom Orange County pool, consider using the best in the business: Calimingo. With over 20 years of experience building custom luxury pools, they have what it takes to create the custom pool of your dreams. They simplify the project for you with their proven process. They take care of everything, including installing the pool safety features you need so you can relax. Also, they offer all kinds of safety features you can choose to add to your custom pool. With Orange County pool builders, it pays off to use the best.