The Importance Of Enrolling Yourself In Florida Contractor Continuing Education

You might have already heard about the need to have your contractor’s license renewed every two years since the time you have obtained your license. This is how Florida Contractor Continuing Education imparts a significant role. By attending the mandatory hours of continuing education, along with successfully passing the exam, you can have your license renewed. 

If you are not paying heed to having your license renewed, then the chances of you not being able to provide services in the state of Florida legally are high. The moment your license expires, you will no longer be allowed to provide services in the state of Florida.

How Many Mandatory Hours Does a Contractor Need to Attend?

To have your license renewed after every two years, a contractor needs to attend 14 mandatory hours of the Florida Contractor Continuing Education before he or she can sit for the exam. If a contractor does not attend the mandatory hours, then the licensing board will not allow that contractor to sit for the exam. If you are a contractor and you have been attending the mandatory hours, you can check the attended hours on the licensing board’s website. As a contractor, you are responsible for saving a copy of proof of your completion of mandatory hours during the continuing education.

What Does the Course for Florida Contractor Continuing Education Cost Include?

When you pay your course provider hoping to have your license renewed before it expires, rest assured there are no hidden charges. Apart from the course fee, there are no other charges that you will have to bear to have your contractor license renewed. Contractors also need to remember that there is no partial credit given whatsoever, and it is only after the completion of the mandatory hours that they will be allowed to sit for the exam. 

Once you have attended 14 mandatory hours of the Florida Contractor Continuing Education, you will be asked to fill out the application for the continuing contractor exam of Florida. In this exam, you will have to score the minimum passing marks to ensure that your application is not being canceled by the licensing board of Florida.

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Things to Note:

Every two years, the contractors are required to sit for the continuing education mandatory before 31st august so that they can have their license renewed. If they fail to do so, then their license will be canceled and will no longer act as a permit to provide services in the state of Florida legally. Therefore, contractors need to choose a course provider who will cater to their requirements. 

In addition to that, the course provider will also provide information and knowledge about the latest changes in the industry. A good course provider will ensure that your application is filed at the right time and you are attending the mandatory hours. Along with that, the team will also send the required documents electronically before the deadline.

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