These Essay Writing Hacks For College Students In Pune Are What You Need Right Now

You know what college students like you hate more than anything? No, it’s not that one professor whose class you always fall asleep in. It’s having to write essays and assignments. As if the pressure of moving to a new city, figuring out how to rent flats in Pune, learning how to take care of yourself and manage your own money wasn’t enough. You have to think about research topics, word limits, citations and bibliographies too. And all of that within a tight deadline. It’s enough to make you want to drop out. Well, even if it does sound too overwhelming at first, we’ve got some tips to help you out. Instead of trying to procrastinate your way through college, here are some easy and reliable hacks for you to use while writing college essays and assignments. They’re going to completely change the game for you.

Research the right way

If you’re still browsing through Wikipedia and calling it ‘research’, your professors are not going to be rewarding you. If you want to sound like you’ve actually gone through a lot of academic content and like you really know your stuff, you’re going to need to find better sources to back up your essays. Use the Google Scholar search engine to filter out non-academic sources and shortlist a few articles from reputed journals or books that you can quote if required. If you’re studying something that requires you to write a lot of essays on similar topics make sure you bookmark your sources well or create a spreadsheet database for easy access later. 

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Work backwards

There are people who spend a lot of time doing background research, reading case studies, creating a draft of their essay and then fleshing it out. Then, there are smarter people. Because you can save yourself a lot of trouble by working backwards. Put down your thoughts on the given topic in a new Google Doc first. Then flesh out your writing with existing evidence. The Explore function in Google Docs is going to help you a lot here. It will redirect you to similar articles and even images based on your content and help you bulk up your essay with references. Time and effort saved!

Don’t buy textbooks

If you’re already wondering about the look of horror on your professors’ faces at this statement, hear us out first. College textbooks are really expensive, and you only really use them for one semester, and probably only for assignments and exams. And you’ve got a lot of other things to spend your money on, starting from your furnished flat on rent in Pune, to basic expenses like groceries, utilities, transport and other needs. So, save your wallet the unnecessary expenditure of buying textbooks that you’ll never open. Instead, download PDF versions of your book online. This is going to help you a lot when it comes to writing essays as you’ll be able to use the Find tool to look up different keywords and chapters instead of scrolling mindlessly. Plus, it’s a lot better for the environment as you won’t have to deal with a big textbook occupying space and gathering dust on your shelf. And you won’t have to carry a really heavy bag either, with all your textbooks accessible at any time from your laptop or phone. Trust us, it’s a win-win-win.

Proofread and Edit

What’s the difference between a good essay and a great one? The attention to detail. Trust us, if you’re not proofreading your assignment for spelling and grammar errors or editing your paragraphs to ensure that the ideas are aligned, you’re not going to be producing work that’s up to the mark. And we get it, these mistakes are pretty common, especially when you’re writing your essays in a caffeine-induced all-nighter haze. So, just make sure that you set aside some time before your deadline to proofread and edit with a clear mind. It’s best if you give yourself a day or two buffer before your final deadline so that you have some time between writing and editing to refresh yourself and look at your work with a fresh set of eyes. If that’s not possible, ensure that you have the spell check tool on or use an app like Grammarly to keep track of errors. Make sure that you read through the entire piece one last time to check for coherence before you turn it in. 

So, there you have it. These hacks are going to make writing essays and assignments for college a lot easier. So go right ahead and put them to the test (pun intended)!

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