Tips for Choosing Homes for Sale in Hyderabad and Chennai 

Do you want to buy a Hyderabad house for sale? You may also be considering a Chennai house for sale as well. Both Hyderabad and Chennai are great locations to consider moving to. They are metropolitan cities where you can find access to all the amenities you need, such as schools and hospitals. Roads and transport networks are well developed, and many people move to Hyderabad and Chennai to seek employment. 

What Should You Know About Hyderabad House for Sale? 

Hyderabad has a busy real estate market, where both commercials and residential properties have consistently performed over the years. Hyderabad has also become a preferred destination for IT/ITeS, Pharma, BFSI, and biotechnology firms. This is due to the favourable policies the state has, how easy it is to do business there, and the infrastructure that has been set up. 

There is also a great talent pool, which helps feed the commercial and technological growth in the city. However, if you want to buy a Hyderabad house for sale, what should you take note of? 

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Physical and Social Infrastructure 

When looking for a Hyderabad house for sale, consider opting for a neighborhood that has potential when it comes to investments. You can also choose neighborhoods close to schools, colleges, IT hubs, and other public utilities. When you select a Hyderabad house for sale in such an area, you’re guaranteed to have good infrastructure in the surrounding area. 

The government of Hyderabad has also taken various steps to attract international companies to the city. This includes infrastructural development such as the Strategic Road Development Project, theetro, and the Multi-Modal Transport System. 

Zones Without Pollution 

While it’s true that people spend a majority of time indoors, however, even so, the surrounding areas are considered nicer when greenery is present. Hyderabad has a lot of greenery in conservation zones, urban forests, and even lakes. Look for a Hyderabad house for sale with a park close to it, so your surroundings can be pleasant and green. 


Two localities in Hyderabad that are considered premium locations include Banjara Hills and Jubilee Hills. However, new projects are now being launched in areas that have developed infrastructure. Projects are also being found on the outskirts of the city, which are due to have connectivity with the metro. 


In Hyderabad, you will be able to find great quality homes at prices that are affordable. This is made possible because, in the city, the land is made available at a lower cost. Compared to other cities, the price of a property in Hyderabad has remained relatively stable. 

The city is also experiencing a lot of developments in its infrastructure. This has teased the amount of domestic and foreign investments that are coming in. As a result, the property price is set to increase over the coming years. 

Distance Between Home and Office 

If you’re looking for a Hyderabad house for sale, you’ll find that most homes have access to amenities and public services. Experts also point out that roads and metro networks have developed as a result of the people who want to live next to where they work. 

Where Can You Buy A Hyderabad House for Sale? 

Consider localities like Manikonda, Miyapir, and Sainikpuri to buy a Hyderabad house for sale. Another place you can consider is Kukatpally. You can find Hyderabad houses for sale at affordable prices in these areas. 

Other areas you can consider include Madhapurz, located near Hitec city. Gachibowli and Nanakramguda are also emerging as popular addresses people are opting for. 

What Should You Know About a Chennai House for Sale? 

Real estate in Chennai has been picking up pace, with more and more people looking for Chennai houses for sale. The periphery of the city is especially seeing more demand as these areas are seen as more future-ready. There is better connectivity for roads as well as railway lines. Micro-markets in the city are also expected to see a spike. 

There are various micro-markets in Chennai that are projecting signs of positive growth. There are four zones in Chennai- North, West, Central, and South. Of these, South Chennai has nearly 65% of the total housing supply of the city. If you’re looking for a Chennai house for sale, then consider looking in South Chennai. 

Buying Chennai House for Sale 

A growth factor associated with South Chennai has been the IT industry, which seems to be thriving there. Infrastructure is also steadily developing along the OMR or the Old Mahabalipuram. The same also applied to the Thoraipakkam and Pallavarm Road and the Grand Southern Trunk road. 

Since there are lots of markets that are growing in South Chennai, consider the top hotspots to buy a Chennai house for sale. One such hotspot is Medavakkam. You can enjoy social as well as infrastructural development, and this location is also great for IT professionals. 

Together with the robust infrastructure of Medavakkam, people can easily find Chennai houses for sale. 

Where Can You Buy a Chennai House for Sale? 

Plan for the location where you’ll buy your Chennai house for sale, based on your budget. Key amenities should also be available within a reasonable distance. Say you have a medium budget, then places like Namganallie, Manapakkam, OMR, Porur as well as Mogappair can be ideal for you. You can also opt for places in North Chennai, such as Perambur and Moolakadai. 

If you’re looking for a Chennai house for sale in an emerging micro-market in the city, then places like Porur and Moolakadai can suit you. Other places you can consider are Ambattur and Madhavaram. For luxury homes, opt for places like Poes Gardens Boat Club, Adyar, Mambalam, Kilpauk, and more. 

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Whether you’re looking for a Hyderabad house for sale or a Chennai house for sale, both can be excellent options. Use this guide to find the right home for you and your family.