Top 11 Reasons Your Garage Door Won’t Work (& How to Fix it)


If you’re facing trouble with your garage door then you have landed at the right place. Read the following troubleshooting guide, to know possible reasons why your garage door stopped working. Plus, some DIY tips to resolve the problem all by yourself.  

Why Won’t My Garage Door Work? 

There could be many possible reasons why your garage door won’t open. If your garage door is not opening properly or you are facing difficulty while shutting it down, you might want to replace or repair it. 

 To replace some or all parts of a garage door not opening all the way up, you will need professional assistance, and for this you should contact a trusted garage door company. 

So without further ado, let’s learn how to fix a garage door.

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Reasons Behind Garage Door Malfunctioning

  1. Your Photo-Eye Sensor Is Obstructed

These photo-eyes are little sensors attached on both sides of your garage door that send signals to each other. If the signal is interrupted, the doors will not shut down. This is a safety feature that prevents accidents, but sometimes an accumulation of dust can block the sensors.

To fix this, clean the sensors by whipping them with a cloth. 

  1. Trouble With The Sensitivity Adjustment

This usually happens with newly installed garage doors: if the sensitivity is set too high or low, the garage door won’t open. 

To resolve this issue by yourself, go through the manufacturer’s instructions. 

  1. A Dead Transmitter Remote 

This problem can occur for a number of reasons like:

  •   The batteries might be discharged 
  •   You might be out of range
  •   The antenna of the remote is damaged

In such cases, changing the batteries or reprogramming the remote can do the trick for you. 

  1. The Sensors Are Blocked

These sensors installed in your garage door are responsible for opening and shutting the door, also preventing this from happening when someone or something is underneath it. This is a safety feature, however, sometimes the sensors get blocked by some object or even sunlight which hinders their functionality. 

To avoid this, simple move items that could be blocking the sensors.

  1. The Sensors Are Misaligned 

If you have already cleaned the sensors and the doors are still not working then this is what you need to do.

The sensors on either side of the garage door should face each other. You can check whether or not they are aligned perfectly to send and receive signals by looking at the LED lights. If the LED lights are steadily lit, that means they are aligned properly. However, if they are not in line with each other, the LED lights will keep blinking. To fix this, simply move the sensors until they are perfectly aligned. 

  1. A Broken Spring Repair

The torsion springs are gauged for a certain number of cycles and are the first thing that can break in the entire assembly of your garage door. If you hear a loud and sudden sound then it’s most likely the sound of your torsion spring breaking. 

However, you should never try to fix this problem or even go close to opening the door, as it can be dangerous. The best solution is to call a professional with the correct tools and skills to handle the situation. 

  1. User Error

The most common reason of all could be that your door is locked! If you hear the sound of the motor running but the door doesn’t roll up, then it’s time for you to recheck. Go and see if any metal part has slid down to the bar access and fix it by disengaging the lock. 

  1. The “Disconnect Switch” Is Enabled

Nowadays garage doors come with a disconnect switch that allows you to operate the door during a power outage. You might have forgotten to disable the switch, so check for it before seeking professional help. 

  1. Damaged Or Misaligned Tracks

Check the condition of your tracks, if they look tilted or bent, this could be the reason why your garage door isn’t working. Being sure of how severe the damage is will help you understand whether to repair or replace them. 

With frequent use, the tracks could get misaligned. If you notice this problem, then you should contact a garage door repair technician, as it is a serious concern. 

  1. You Might Have Switched Off The Power Source

I know how ridiculous it sounds, but believe me when I say this is the most common mistake people make. At times, people unplug the power supply and then wonder what’s wrong with the door. Also, sometimes the working outlet is damaged due to which the power supply shuts off. 

So, make sure to check whether the cord is plugged into the outlet or not, also observe your fuse and CGFCI. 

  1. Adjustment Of Limit Settings

The “limit settings” is the feature that defines how far the garage door needs to move in order to fully close. This is often done at the time of installation but if some problems arises later, just call a professional to deal with it. 

Final Thoughts

While we’ve discussed several factors that can cause your garage door to malfunction, and also listed a few tips to resolve them by yourself. But for problems that require the right tools and knowledge, you must take the help of professionals.

Garage Door Repair Goldsboro NC is one such reliable and trusted garage door repair and installation service provider that extends its services near New York City. It has a highly trained team of technicians. Make a call or pay a visit to get your garage door fixed! 

Hope you found the article helpful, Thank You For Reading!

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