Top 3 Useful PDFBear Features For Your Digital Documents

Top 3 Useful PDFBear Features for Your Digital Documents

Each and every one of us can agree that PDF has been widely used for a lengthy moment. In addition, the major goal of those web-based platforms is to guarantee that users receive the support they require. But there is one online platform that stands out from the rest of the available websites today. And what we are talking about is the PDFBear.

When PDF files are not properly organized, they may be a real pain in the end. In addition, to avoid those things from happening, users should be the ones to address them themselves. And the best way to deal with this problem without asking for help from other people and spending loads of cash is to use PDFBear. Whatever you want to do with your PDF file is possible with this online platform.

Additionally, this is due to the fact that this web-based application has all the necessary features anyone needs. We listed some of the most loved features by many users of PDFBear. Check it down below!

  • Inserting Page Numbers to A PDF File

Indeed, there are a bunch of reasons why PDFBear is superior to the most online platforms available out there. Moreover, the two most significant reasons are the services and capabilities they offer. To open things up, the web-based platform has completed all the essential resources for your PDF documents. Furthermore, they also include a segment that will let you add pages to PDF.

The accuracy of their online platform makes this possible. In addition, you can accomplish all of that without spending loads of cash and without taking too much of your time. Moreover, if you’re in a hurry but still need to do something to make your day, then this is the best online platform for you! Try and explore this platform to be the judge of yourself. 

Users should keep in mind to keep all the needed documents in one location by adding pages to a PDF file. The second thing users should consider is whether or not they have a reliable internet connection. So there will be no delay and faults in using this platform. Finally, we listed the simple steps on how to add page numbers to a PDF file.

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The Four (4) Easy Steps

  1. Select the PDF file you desired to add page numbers.
  2. Wait for the upload to finish.
  3. Choose the place where you want the page numbers to show.
  4. Download the freshly updated file by clicking “Number pages.”
  1. Adding Watermark to A PDF File

Let’s cut the long talk; people with bad intentions will surely get your data and declare that those works are theirs. In order for you to make sure that other people will not steal your works, you need to add watermarks to your works. Listed down below are the easy steps on how to add watermarks to a PDF file.

The Four (4) Easy Steps

  1. Select your desired PDF file you want to put a watermark with.
  2. Choose an image or type a text you want to be your watermark.
  3. Think and decide the place where you want your watermark to be.
  4. Easily apply the changes and download your PDF file with your desired watermark.
  1. Reducing The PDFs File Size

With PDFBear, you can easily and quickly reduce the file size of your works while maintaining their quality. The best thing about this online platform among the rest is it does not store your data; it deletes your data from their system, which is a good thing for all files with confidential information. Most people like PDFBear because it is compatible with any device or operating system that can be connected to the internet.

The Four (4) Easy Steps

  1. Click the “Choose Files” icon, and upload your desired files to compress in the system.
  2. Choose and click the option of your desire.
  3. After choosing your desired option, the system will then analyze and compress your files.
  4. You may be able to download your compressed file once all steps are completed.


The features listed above are only a glimpse of what PDFBear offers its users—from combining, merging, adding pages, deleting pages, unlocking, and so many things connected to PDF. This online platform will surely not leave you hanging. All the possible solutions to all problems regarding PDF files are presented in this web-based application.

If ever you encounter problems with your PDF file or any formatted file, don’t ever doublethink using PDFBear. Instead, try for yourself and experience a life hack that surely will ease your burdens!

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