Types Of CBD And What You Need to Know?

The term “cannabis” often brings up thoughts of getting high. CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the many beneficial compounds found in plants of the cannabis family that cannot get you high. 

What CBD can do is limit the transmission of nerve pain, stop or reduce anxious thoughts, help you sleep and allow you to focus.

What is CBD?

CBD is a molecular compound that binds to the cannabinoid receptors in your nervous system. It also reduces inflammation in your body and nervous system. It’s important to note that the only FDA-approved CBD is available for severe seizure disorders. If you are interested in using CBD to better manage a particular condition, make sure you

  • buy from a producer that offers third-party testing to confirm what’s in the bottle
  • discuss your plans with your physician; there is a risk of drug interaction
  • use a journal to manage your personal CBD experiment

Many find that CBD is highly beneficial for a variety of health challenges, but you will need to track your use and your reaction.

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Types of CBD

Producers can use a variety of cannabis plants to produce CBD. You can purchase CBD isolate, which has had all other compounds removed from the product. You can also consider broad spectrum vs full spectrum CBD, which contains compounds other than just CBD. Be aware that broad spectrum CBD may also have THC, which should be avoided by anyone pregnant, planning a pregnancy, or breastfeeding. THC can also cause legal troubles depending on your situation.

Forms of CBD Products

CBD can be procured in a number of products. You can put CBD

  • under the tongue, in a CBD oil
  • into the lungs, in a vaping tool
  • on the skin, in a CBD cream or lotion
  • into the stomach, in a CBD edible or capsule

Carefully monitor the mg of each dosage and try to stay under 1 mg per ten pounds of body weight to start.

How Much Should I Take?

To find the best dosage, start small. For many users, a full dose can cause sleepiness. For those who struggle with insomnia, this is a wonderful outcome! If you need to be calmer but more alert, sleepiness is an unhelpful side effect.

A small dose can help you focus. A topical can help manage joint pain, skin inflammation, and acne. Grab a notebook and track your CBD use to determine the best dosage for the conditions you are dealing with. CBD use is extremely personal.

Safety and Health Considerations

Be aware that these products are not interchangeable. While it’s unlikely that you would ingest a lotion or a cream and hope for good results, it’s important you also do not try to vape a sublingual oil; the oil will burn rather than vaporize, which will be dangerous to your lungs and may destroy your vaping tool. Vaping liquids should never be ingested or placed under the tongue.

Never start CBD without discussing it with your physician. The risk of a dangerous drug interaction is rare but possible. Start with small doses, track your use, and determine your best dosage. Going with reputable places like HempFusion can be a good idea to start your CBD journey.

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