Understanding How a Small Gap in Treatment Can Affect Your Injury Claim in Vermont

If you have met with an accident and got serious injuries then it is very important that you must get the right treatment. Your medical treatment is also essential to properly document all the problems that you suffered due to injury.

A Vermont personal injury lawyer hired from Sabbeth Law will make sure that you get the best treatment after your injury, and ensure that no gap is observed during your treatment procedure.

You must therefore work with an established attorney for car accidents so that he can properly document your injuries so that it becomes very easy for you to claim. 

Any kind of gap in your medical treatment often may make an impact on your injury claim in the following way.

  • The insurance company may reduce your compensation

If the insurance company notices that there is a gap in your treatment then they may take the plea that your injury is not serious enough to get the compensation that your lawyer is claiming for you. 

Therefore, in the case due to any reason, there is a gap in your treatment plan then there must be a proper medical reason that must be certified and verified by a doctor so that it can stand the scrutiny of the law.

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  • Your loss of wages may not be compensated

When you are injured then certainly you will be absent from your duty and as a result, there will be a loss of wages because of that. However, if there is a gap noticed in your treatment then the insurance company may not agree to pay for those periods.   

Legitimate reasons for the gap in treatment

Of course, there are valid reasons why you might delay or have pauses in your treatment. After an accident, symptoms may take some time to show. Similarly, your injuries may appear to be improving before deteriorating.

Furthermore, many injured patients lack the necessary insurance or disposable means to pay for treatment. You may be in agony and require therapy, but you lack the financial means to obtain it. 

While it may appear harsh to punish an injured person for failing to seek treatment because he or she lacked the financial resources to do so, which is a common and regrettable reality in many personal injury cases.

Ideally, your lawyer would try to explain why there was a gap in the treatment and, if feasible, make the defendant’s counsel look bad for taking this plea against you, particularly if it was because of a financial constraint.

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