Video Marketing: How To Create Video Content That Works

Nothing like a well edited video to make an impact on a stranger’s life. Thanks to the rise in the power of technology, people are using videos widely to market brands and entertain people online. You can choose to use an offline or online video editor to create content that well tells your own story. Think of the world as your unadulterated canvas and embark on a creative venture in the realm that is video editing. You can make a promo video easily using the right online video editor. Below are a few tips to help you create that alluring video content that will work in your favor.

Making an Impactful First Impression

First impressions determine whether your audience will love you or hate you altogether. The average attention span of most human beings lies at around 8.5seconds. Pretty short, right? Even more reason you should bring your video content to life quickly so as to capture the viewers’ interest. The first few seconds should be clear, concise and attention grabbing to give the audience the urge to pause to give your video their time.  With an online video editor of your choice you can choose to create an interesting thumbnail or have a captivating hook. Platforms like YouTube and Facebook support thumbnails alongside your videos. You should therefore use high quality shots for your thumbnails and avoid blurry motion-filled shots because visuals are everything when it comes to selling a brand. The hooks should show a quick tantalizing preview of what’s in store for the viewers in your video. Make it count.

Tell a Story

Of course, the major goals of a business are sales, sales, sales. But you don’t want to appear greedy now, do you? Social media platforms have broad categories of content, from branded content to entertainment. Competition really is stiff. How do you compete with entertainment? Tell a story. Stories about yourself help you better connect with viewers as compared to sales-oriented video content. Your story should be captivating, concise and cohesive, but don’t forget you are marketing your brand too. Your creativity will be a great asset here.

Tell Your Story With and Without Sounds

The film Charlie Chaplin is a great example of telling a story with literally no sound. Remember your video is reaching a diverse audience with some being hearing impaired. Some platforms, like Instagram and older versions of Facebook, play videos without sound unless you enable sound. Whether you choose to use an offline or online video editor, make your content authentic and engaging. The easiest way to make your video easy to follow is by using beautiful high-quality visuals, making use of subtitles and using text heavy descriptions.

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Optimize For Searches Using an Online Video Editor

Many people perform billions of searches daily on platforms such as YouTube, Google, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook among others. The more views the more sales for your brand. You can easily optimize your video by using keywords in your video titles. But don’t go overboard and ensure you limit your titles to under 66 words so that truncation doesn’t occur when Search Engines crawl your content. You can also choose to add descriptions to your videos. Incorporate keywords and tags in your description but ensure you still tell the story of what is in your video. Various online editors offer features that allow you to add text to your videos, so fret not.

Tailor Your Audience

While having a diverse audience guarantees a lot of views for your videos, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee sales. You can target your audience by age, gender, language, location and interest. Platforms like Facebook allow you to filter your audience categorically. Tailoring your video content for viewers of a certain age bracket enables you to easily filter it and only those who meet the age requirements can watch it. Boomers, millennials and Generation Z speak a different language. That’s where content filtering comes into play.

Include CTAs

Calls to action can serve various reasons and not just to sell your content. You can be creative by using CTAs like; subscribe to your channel, have a comment section, links to other videos, or follow and share with friends’ buttons. You have the freedom to place these calls for action anywhere in your video. It can either be pre-rolled so that the viewer doesn’t miss it or mid-roll, which is anywhere between the beginning and end of your video content. You can also opt for a post roll after fully capturing the attention of your audience with your saucy content. Whatever the case may be, calls for action are a great marketing tool for your brand and allow for sharing online.

Collaboration with Consumers Is Key

Consumers trust fellow consumers. You can easily make videos of customer testimonials using a trusted online video editor to showcase the benefits of purchasing your product or service.  Other social proofs you can incorporate include likes, views, votes and comments. A variety of social platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook among others provide for such features. You can also add a cherry on top by working with celebrities and trusted influencers to promote your video content.

Final Thoughts

Video editing might be a daunting task but with a trustworthy online video editor like Movie Maker Online, your task might just be a breeze. Ensure you create content that is enticing, clear and appeals to your target audience effectively. Creatively paint your canvas while still telling that mind-blowing story the world needs to know.

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