Video SEO: 10 Essential Tips To Optimize Your Video For Search

If you are a video marketer or a video content creator, you must have definitely stumbled across the term SEO. SEO or search engine optimization is the process of improving your content so that it gets noticed by search engines and gets ranked on the search engine results page. 

Regardless of if you are a newbie or a professional or whether you’re using an online video editor or an offline one, here are 10 SEO tips for video marketing to bring tons of traffic to your content. 

  1. Do your keyword research 

Keyword research is the first step in optimizing your content for SEO. Keywords play a very important part in any marketing strategy. Make sure that you do proper keyword research before you start working on your videos. 

If you are a beginner in the content marketing industry, then it is advised that you target long-tail keywords and skip the competition. Using long-tail keywords is a smart strategy to build your brand and online presence straight from scratch. Although if you target highly competitive keywords, then you will find it difficult to make it to the SERPS by competing with the industry giants. 

You can start your keyword research on video-sharing platforms like YouTube. All you have to do is search your target keyword and observe the results and the given recommendations. You can get keyword ideas and alternative topics by using this strategy. Moreover, you can also do your research on Google Trends to understand what keywords your target audience is actively searching for. 

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  1. Create engaging, shareable, and valuable content 

If you want to catch your target audience’s attention and stand out from the rest of your competitors, you need to make sure that your content has some value to it. So, what does valuable content mean? 

Providing value to your target audience in your videos means that your videos should be engaging, informative, and overall superior to other creators in the industry. 

The result of your content revolves around user experience, if your video content is optimized according to the needs of your target audience, it is most likely to perform better. To make your task easier you can even use any video maker tool to create compelling video content. Now coming to improving the quality of your content, you must provide high-quality videos (1080p and higher), also make sure that your videos are optimized to avoid buffering. In simple words, make the viewing experience for your audience smooth and easy, and not tedious. 

Lastly, you should keep an eye on your competitors. Find creators in the same industry and look at what they are doing, and then do it better.

  1. Pay attention to your video title

Your video title is the first thing that a viewer might notice about your video. Hence, it is important that you optimize it and use the right keywords. 

Do not create misleading titles. Your title should be relevant to your video. Click baits are heavily looked down upon in the content creator industry, and your ranking will suffer if you create misleading video titles. Moreover, don’t make your titles too short or too long. An average video title has an average of five words. Use relevant keywords in your video titles, and try to insert them at the beginning of your video title to increase your chances of getting ranked. 

  1. Optimize your video descriptions 

Most viewers will read your video descriptions before watching your video. Hence, it is important that your video descriptions are engaging and inviting. Include relevant keywords in your video description but make sure that you do not overdo it. Keep it brief and concise and do not forget to include a call to action (CTA). You can also include a link at the beginning of your description to drive traffic to your website while improving your video’s SEO. 

  1. Create an engaging thumbnail 

Video thumbnails are the first thing that your viewers see before they even click on your video. Thumbnails may determine and make your audience’s decision about watching your video, and hence it is important that you make them look appealing. 

Create a custom thumbnail, you can also put your watermark or logo on it. 

  1. Include video captions and transcripts 

Google is a text-based search engine. The more text that you add to your videos, the easier it will be for Google to find you. You can scatter your keyword across your video captions and transcripts to boost your ranking even further. 

  1. Optimize your website’s SEO 

Your website’s SEO performance also affects your videos’ online presence. In simple words, your website and videos are co-dependent. Keep in mind that your webpage is relevant to your video content. Embed the first video you wish to get ranked for if you are using multiple videos on your webpage. Moreover, if you want the video to be the main focus, build your page around your video. 

  1. Optimize for mobile viewers 

75% of the internet population uses a smartphone and relies on mobile usage. This means that smartphone video viewing has surpassed desktop video viewing. If you do not optimize your videos for mobile usage, you will be losing half of your audience. Optimize your video for other devices and you will be widening your reach. 

  1. Focus on social media 

You can promote your videos on various social media platforms to boost your video’s SEO. You can expand your reach and drive more traffic to your videos by sharing your videos on popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Moreover, if people like your videos, they are most likely to share it and this can amount to word-of-mouth marketing. 

  1. Get viewer feedback 

The people watching your content and engaging with it are important for search engine optimization. Search engines can recognize positive feedback and will give your videos more authority if you have more positive feedback. 

For example, YouTube ranks viewers according to the number of likes, comments and views. 

To conclude, you cannot master SEO overnight. Although, with patience and consistency, you can easily rank higher on the search engine results page of your target platforms. Keep creating relevant video content and include the above-mentioned tips in your SEO strategies for video marketing. 

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