What does “cat body language” mean?

Cat body language refers to a cat’s non-verbal communication, which is anything a cat can express through its posture or movements.

A cat expresses itself a lot through its movements, but it can sometimes be a little difficult to decipher. However, with a little practice, you will understand everything your Feline facts wants to tell you and he will have no more secrets for you.

Additionally, understanding your cat’s body language will help you create a safe and comfortable environment for them. Thus, cat and dog owners must also learn to decipher this type of language in order to better understand their animals.

How to tell that a cat is calm?

A calm cat will have its ears pointing upwards, its eyes slightly open, and it’s tail relaxed and fixed. You can tell a cat is very relaxed if it squints or blinks slowly in your direction. Try looking at your cat the same way. This body language means your cat is comfortable with you. 

A calm cat is sensitive to the noises around it. For example, you will always see him move his ears when there is noise, or open his eyes wide if he sees something moving. Cats naturally keep a watchful eye on everything that’s going on around them.

How does a cat say “hello”?

A cat says hello in different ways, and each has its own meaning. First, your cat may say hello by rubbing her cheeks against you. However, it is more of a scent mark than a greeting. Your cat puts its scent on you so that you become an integral part of its environment, it could just as well do it with a piece of furniture or the frame of a door. Likewise, your cat may sniff you or touch you with its nose, which is also a way to gather information about the smells around it. 

Second, a cat can headbutt you. It’s a friendly sign that comes from the nursing period when your cat was still a baby. 

Third, a cat may address you with its tail erect or with a ‘meow’. It is not only a form of greeting but can also mean that your cat is asking you for something. Cats rarely meow to each other but can make hundreds of meows for us humans. It can also mean your cat is hungry or wants you to open a door.  

Does your cat sometimes roll over on its back and show you its belly? This means that your cat feels safe with you because a cat will only do this if it feels completely comfortable. But beware, this does not necessarily mean that your cat wants you to rub his belly. 

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How does a frightened cat behave?

A frightened cat will want to appear as flat and small as possible. You will notice for example that his ears are back, his body close to the ground,  and his tail kept low and folded around him. Its tail can also be stiff and swollen like a brush. His whiskers will also be back against his face.

How does a cat show it’s angry?

If you see a cat swinging its tail from side to side, it means it’s getting grumpy. It may start slowly, then get faster and faster if the source of his annoyance doesn’t stop. This is a sign that your cat is upset and wants the situation to change. If he behaves like this, be careful and give your cat somewhere. He certainly wants to be alone.

The body language of the angry cat

If the cat continues to be angry, it can be very angry. In this case, the cat may bend its back, pierce its ears, and pull the hair of its tail to make it look bigger and stronger. In addition, its beard can be pointed forward and a cat can produce a certain amount of whistling. Leave your cat in this position and calm him down.

The body of the cat in pain

It is not easy to see if the cat is in pain. He will not mourn or weep. It is important that the cat sitter or cat owner knows how to detect a sick cat. The important thing to remember is that a cat’s unpleasant behavior depends on how it behaves. For example, is he hiding more than usual? Does he just not pay attention when you try to catch him if he is often upset? He keeps hugging, folding, instead of stretching? These are signs that your cat may want to go to a vet.

The first sign that a cat is in pain is that it will be tempted to isolate itself. For example, he may hide or even curl up with hunched shoulders and head down. The cat can even close its mouth a little, which will make its face look a bit more pointed.

Another sign that a cat is in pain is that it will flatten and turn its ears. He can also close his eyes halfway. Finally, a suffering cat can spend the day curled up. If he is not feeling well, he will tend to stretch a little or get into relaxing positions.

How do I make my cat happy?

A happy cat is able to express itself through its body language as it sees fit. Pay attention to the different signs of his mood. By observing it well, you will know what your cat needs and how to make it happy. For example, your cat may like a home full of people and life and experiences separation anxiety when left alone. or your cat might like peace and quiet. Listen to your cat’s body language and you will get to know its needs.

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