What Is Dhanteras?

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In the rich tapestry of Indian culture and tradition, the festival of Dhanteras holds a special place. This auspicious day marks the beginning of the five-day Diwali festival, celebrated with great enthusiasm and devotion across India. Dhanteras, also known as “Dhanatrayodashi,” is a time when people worship wealth and invite prosperity into their lives. In this blog, we will explore the significance, customs, and traditions of Dhanteras.

What Is Dhanteras?

Dhanteras falls on the thirteenth day of the Krishna Paksha (dark fortnight) of the Hindu month of Kartik, which usually occurs in October or November. The word “Dhanteras” is a combination of two words: “Dhan,” which means wealth, and “Teras,” which signifies the thirteenth day. The festival holds immense cultural, religious, and social significance:

  1. Celebrating Wealth: Dhanteras is a day dedicated to the worship of wealth and prosperity. People seek blessings for financial well-being and success in their endeavors.
  2. Honoring Goddess Lakshmi: On this day, devotees offer prayers to Goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth, to receive her blessings. She is believed to visit homes that are clean, well-lit, and filled with positive energy.
  3. Eliminating Negative Energies: It is customary to light oil lamps or diyas to dispel darkness and negative energies from one’s life and surroundings.
  4. Investing in Precious Metals: A popular tradition on Dhanteras is buying gold, silver, or utensils, as it is believed that investing in these items on this day brings prosperity and good fortune.

Customs And Traditions

Dhanteras is marked by several customs and traditions that contribute to its festive atmosphere:

  1. Cleaning and Decorating Homes: In preparation for Dhanteras, people clean and decorate their homes. Rangoli (decorative patterns made with colored powders), oil lamps, and flower garlands adorn the entrances.
  2. Lighting Oil Lamps: Lighting oil lamps or diyas in the evening is a traditional practice to symbolize the victory of light over darkness.
  3. Prayers and Offerings: Devotees offer prayers to Lord Dhanvantari, who is believed to have emerged with the elixir of life during the churning of the ocean. They also perform puja (worship) for Goddess Lakshmi, offering flowers, incense, and sweets.
  4. Shopping for Gold and Silver: Purchasing gold and silver on Dhanteras is considered auspicious. Many jewelry stores and markets offer special discounts and promotions during this time.
  5. Exchanging Gifts: Exchanging gifts with family and friends is a common practice on Dhanteras, symbolizing the exchange of good wishes and blessings.
  6. Feasting: Preparing delicious meals and sweets is an essential part of Dhanteras celebrations. Families come together to enjoy festive dishes and sweets like laddoos and jalebis.


Dhanteras is not only a celebration of wealth but also an occasion to reflect on the importance of prosperity, gratitude, and the victory of light over darkness. It sets the stage for the grand festivities of Diwali, with the lighting of lamps and the exchange of gifts serving as a harbinger of joy and unity. As families come together to worship and celebrate, Dhanteras serves as a reminder of the enduring cultural and spiritual values that continue to enrich the lives of people across India and beyond.


What Is Dhanteras Celebrated For?

This day is a celebration aimed at increasing wealth and prosperity. Dhanteras engages themes of cleansing, renewal, and the securing of auspiciousness as embodied by Lakshmi. In the villages, cattle are adorned and worshiped by farmers as their main source of income.

What Is The Real Meaning Of Dhanteras?

What Is Dhanteras? Dhanteras, also known as Dhanvantari Trayodashi, marks the beginning of the Diwali festive season. The word Dhan translates to wealth. The word Theras translates to 13th and is related to the 13th lunar day of the Krishna Paksha in the Hindu calendar.

How Do Indians Celebrate Dhanteras?

Hence, on Dhanteras, people clean their houses to attract and invite Goddess Lakshmi into their abode. They light diyas, make rangolis, and put torans at the entrance. Many also worship Lord Yamaraj at night and offer their prayers to seek his blessings.

What Is The Best Thing To Do On Dhanteras?

Worshipping cows is considered very sacred on Dhanteras. Must feed cows and offer them chapati along with jaggery. 4. As we all know that Lord Dhanvantri is considered as a the god of medicine and worshipped on this very day, so people should help ill people and donate some medicines for their treatment.

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