What Is IELTS Candidate Number?

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The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a standardized test widely recognized and accepted globally for assessing English language proficiency. In the process of registering for and taking the IELTS exam, candidates are assigned a unique identification number known as the IELTS Candidate Number. This number plays a pivotal role throughout the test-taking journey, serving as a distinctive identifier for candidates and facilitating various administrative processes.

What Is IELTS Candidate Number?

The IELTS Candidate Number is a unique alphanumeric code assigned to each test taker upon registration for the exam. This number serves as a crucial identifier throughout the entire IELTS process, from registration to receiving test results.

Key Information And Usage

  • Registration: When a candidate registers for the IELTS exam, they are assigned a Candidate Number. This number, along with personal details, confirms the candidate’s registration for the test.
  • Test Day: The Candidate Number is used on the test day to verify the candidate’s identity. It is essential to bring the identification document used during registration (usually a passport) bearing the same details as provided during registration.
  • Results and Communication: The Candidate Number is also used to access and check the IELTS test results online. It serves as an identifier in all communication with the IELTS test center or the British Council, facilitating inquiries or follow-ups regarding the test.

Retrieval And Location

Candidates can find their IELTS Candidate Number on various documents related to the test:

  • Test Confirmation: The Candidate Number is provided in the test confirmation email sent upon successful registration.
  • Test Report Form: The number is also displayed on the Test Report Form (TRF), which contains the candidate’s test scores and is issued after the test.

Importance And Utility

  • Identification: The Candidate Number acts as a unique identifier, ensuring accurate association of the candidate’s details with their test records.
  • Accessibility of Results: It enables candidates to conveniently access their test results online by using the Candidate Number and other personal information.
  • Communication with Test Authorities: For inquiries, complaints, or any communication with the IELTS test center or administrative bodies, referencing the Candidate Number helps in swift and accurate correspondence.


The IELTS Candidate Number is not merely a random identifier but a critical component that streamlines the test-taking process for candidates. It ensures smooth administration, accurate record-keeping, and facilitates easy access to test results. Being aware of and preserving this unique identification number throughout the IELTS journey is essential for candidates, as it significantly simplifies and enhances their overall experience of undertaking this internationally recognized language proficiency test.


How Can I Find My IELTS Candidate Number?

6 digit candidate number (usually starts with 00) – this was given to you on the test day. You will find this reference number in the first email that you received when you registered for the IELTS exam titled IELTS APPLICATION SUMMARY. Please refer to that email for more information.

How Many Digits Is IELTS Candidate Number?

IELTS Reference number (BR051-000000-0000 ou S-BR051-00000-00000) Test details (date and venue) Candidate number (4 to 6 digits)

What Is The Meaning Of IELTS Candidate?

IELTS (The International English Language Testing System) is designed to assess the language ability of candidates who intend to study or work in the medium of English.

Where Can I Find My IELTS Id?

Your IELTS candidate number can be found on the Test Report Form (TRF) that you receive after taking the IELTS exam. The Test Report Form is typically available for pickup or mailed to you 13 days after the test date.

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