What To Do When An Independent Adjuster Calls After A Car Accident?

When you get in a road accident, it is usually advised to inform the insurance adjuster about it. However, what you must not do is answer their tricky questions. There are certain things that you should and should not do when it comes to speaking with the insurance company, and you need to know them all. 

If you were involved in an accident with another driver on the road, chances are you are going to receive a call from the insurance company, or they will show up at your door. In such cases, it is essential to remain quiet and contact your car accident attorney atlanta ga before you say anything. 

Tips for speaking to an insurance adjuster after a car accident 

  • Report your accident. 

While it is advised to be careful when speaking with an insurance adjuster, you must report the accident to them. Other than that, you must also report the incident to law enforcement and create a police report to keep a record of it. Failure to report the accident can cause the other party to argue that either you were not injured or the accident did not take place at all. 

  • Remain calm and talk politely. 

When you get into an accident due to someone else’s fault, you may feel angry. You may also want to defend yourself when the other party says they were not at fault. However, it is important to be respectful and calm when you meet them or answer their calls. 

  • Give limited personal information. 

The insurance adjuster may ask for your full name, address, and contact number. You may also provide them with the type of work you do and which company you work for. However, do not give away more information about your work, schedule, and monthly income. 

  • Withhold information that can wait. 

Your goal, when speaking with the insurance adjuster, should be to provide as little information as possible. Their approach may seem caring to you, but their ultimate goal is to lower your claim. Avoid any information related to the following. 

  • Injuries.
  • What you were doing before or during the accident.
  • Accusations.
  • Statements indicating guilt, sorrow, regret.
  • Recorded statements.

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  • Take notes during the call. 

Ask the name of the person who calls you and the company they work for. Take notes of the questions they ask and the answers you give them. This will help you remember what you and the adjuster said. 

Having a lawyer by your side can help you avoid saying the wrong things, which can weaken your case. For additional information regarding legal cases, speak to an attorney today. 

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