WhatsApp set to launch Communities…

Addressing the demand for private communities outside of platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp recently announced the launch of Communities, its most significant update.

WhatsApp Communities are larger discussion groups that are feature rich and serve as a replacement to large group chats. This new feature includes emoji reactions, enhanced file sharing and even more than 30 users on a single group call!

Those who serve as admins of WhatsApp Communities will also have access to improved moderation tools in the new feature that has been under development for some time. WhatsApp Communities will also pose a threat to other mesaging apps like iMessage, Telegram and Signal.

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This new iOS app development comes on the back of recent trends that note that many users use social networks and feeds to discover interesting content and stay updated but using messaging it is possible to encounter a more meaningful interaction that is private and secure especially with WhatsApp encryption.

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Using WhatsApp Communities, it is now possible for school groups or clubs to create their very own WhatsApp Communities. And a really cool added feature are sub-groups. 

So if you have a WhatsApp Community for a Sports Club it would be possible to have separate sub-groups for players, coaches, parents etc. it is possible for one community to hopst multiple sub-groups. The main announcement group can be used to communicate news, updates and other common content.

WhatsApp Communities is also similar to Facebook Groups both owned by Meta. Facebook Groups of course differ as they bring together otherwise disconnected users with a common shared interest together whereas WhatsApp Communities operates on a more private and personal level. 

This is especially valid as WhatsApp Communities cannot be discovered via searches and users must be invited to join. This ensures that only the most applicable users are invited and allowed to join. Admins can invite individuals or share an invite link.

Power to Admins

As admins change it will be possible for them to remove others as well. In addition only Community Admins will have the permissison to share announcements to all Community members in one go through the main announcement group.

This also makes it different from Facebook Groups and remember inside WhatsApp Communities you will be able to see the mobile numbers of other community members similar to most other web app development features.  

It is expected that admins of existing large gorup chats will migrate them to WhatsApp Communities or failing which it is possible for a admin to create a new community from scratch. Initially WhatsApp Communities will support several thousand users.

In a bid to limit moments when important information gets missed amidst generic chatter WhatsApp will also limit forwards, so forwarded messages will only be able to be forwarded to one group at a time.

Admins can easily moderate content and share information and files up to two GB so groups can collaborate, create and share with voice calls for over 30 users as well. 

Community members can easily report abuse and block accounts and leave communities when they want to and they can silently leave a group as well. WhatsApp Communities is currently being tested for a roll out in the near future.

WhatsApp owned by Meta has dominated the messaging landscape since its launch. WhatsApp is easy to use and simple to figure out and it allows users from across the world to stay connected and up to date. You can use WhatsApp wherever you may find internet connectivity. WhatsApp has today evolved into a true messaging giant that helps members of the public connect in a safe and secure manner. 

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