When Would You Need A Lawyer For Your Divorce?

Going through a divorce could be overwhelming. Processing everything and finding an attorney to protect your side could be difficult. But, once you and your spouse have concluded to file for a divorce, consulting a divorce attorney Monroe, NC would fall into your best interest.

You need to evaluate certain factors if you want to decide on hiring a divorce lawyer or not. A lawyer will ensure to get a favorable outcome for your divorce and eliminate the hassle of going through all the stressful procedures alone. Irrespective of the divorce is contested or uncontested, an attorney’s guidance is crucial. 

Factors you should consider for hiring a divorce lawyer.

  • Child Custody 

If the divorce involves abiding by child custody, you should consult a divorce attorney in Monroe, NC. Without a lawyer representing you on legal foundations, it could get complex to derive which parent should get custody of the child. 

  • Legal representation

If you are not an expert in laws and legal procedures, it probably means that you would need a lawyer. Irrespective of that, if the divorce goes to court, it would be essential to hire a lawyer to handle the divorce and legally represent you. 

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  • Real estate or business assets 

If you or your spouse own a business or have invested in real estate, then it would be considered necessary to consult an attorney. During a divorce, an attorney would best handle the situation of equal distribution of assets between the spouses. 

  • Alimony 

A lawyer will be unavoidable if either spouse demands alimony. If the divorce involves an income provider and a homemaker, the homemaker would likely initiate alimony payments from the income provider. To avoid any complexity or cynicism, hiring an attorney to look after these matters would be in the best interest. 

  • Legal agreements or procedures 

While the court may proceed with the divorce, it may not focus on every legal agreement drafted by the attorney for both parties. Understanding the laws and regulations would not be easy if you did not hire a lawyer for agreements and bindings. Contracts or bindings require observation from a skilled law professional. Drafting them on your own won’t be rational. 

  • Management 

Divorce comprises a lot of factors. One may need to manage everything from making correct decisions, following legal protocols, and managing everything else simultaneously. To avoid being stressed or overwhelmed, an attorney would help you cope. 

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